Specialized tutors are assigned to every session in Learning.Social. When you enter a session, the list of assigned tutors is shown. Learners can ask questions or write comments publicly, related to a specific session, and the assigned tutors shall reply in due time. In addition, learners can send private short messages to a specific tutor.

Tutors shall also engage in general discussions about a specific subject in the Forum of every learning category.


Ranam Kazziha has over fifteen years’ experience in education. Ten of those years were in higher education online learning and lifelong learning.  While working with the Syrian Virtual University as an online learning consultant, she managed quality assurance team and organized quality standards for courses’ assessments.  Previously she held a position of a Dean for “Higher National Diploma for Computing and Business Applications” Program. She has also taught various courses such as “Global Market Place”, “Business Environment”, “Working and Leading People”,  “Marketing for E-commerce”, “Internet Studies”, “Online Learning Induction course”, “Web Site Design” with University of Greenwich and Syrian Virtual University. She designed “English for Business online course” customized for students moving from IT background into business field.  Ms. Kazziha is familiar with technical development working with flash presentations embedded into SCORM environment and is experienced in Learning Management Systems such as “Moodle”.

She has Masters degree in Business Administration from the “Arab Academy English.


Dr. Hadi El-Farr  is an academic and professional in Business Administration with solid background in various business skills. Hadi has an extensive international and multi-industrial experience. He is exposed to the American, European and Middle Eastern markets and has worked at the Management Consulting, Higher Education, Hospitality and Retail industries. 

Hadi El-Farr has a PhD in B for Science and Technology” and has bachelor degree in “Management Information Systems” from “Virginia Commonwealth University”, Richmond, VA. Finally, Ms. Kazziha is bilingual. She is fluent in Arabic and usiness and Economics from the University of Leeds. His MBA is from the Lebanese American University, and his BBA is from the American University of Beirut. Moreover, Hadi has completed the learning system of the Society for Human Resources Management and has attained the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certificate from the Human Resources Certification Institute.??

Hadi has contributed to the design and delivery of several courses in Business Administration at the Universities of Leeds and York. Also, He has published several academic papers and magazine articles. Moreover, Hadi has participated at various international conferences.

Hadi’s professional experience is within the vicinity of Human Resources and Business Operations that entailed intensive HR roles and general business knowledge. Also, his previous occupations included roles in public relations, financial performance, purchasing and sales, maintaining customer and supplier relationships, management consulting and the generation of feasibility studies and business reports. Furthermore, his occupations entailed managing significant number of employees and reporting to the highest management level within the hierarchy.