Learning.Social aims to create a major learning community, where learners, tutors, experts, practitioners, managers, employees, and parents can exchange their expertise and knowledge in a comfortable social environment.

As a constructive utilization of social media to enhance learning and create an open learning environment, Learning.Social kindly requests all its subscribers to respect the following community guidelines:

  1. All discussions should stay focused on relevant learning subjects and experiences.
  2. Any racist, religious, political, bashing, discriminating or humiliating discussions will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic ban.
  3. All comments and questions related to a specific session should be written in the session’s discussion forum.
  4. All general discussions about a specific subject should be written in the subject’s discussion board inside the Forum.
  5. All Library and Forum discussions (comments, questions, answers) are shown in the respective News Feed (Dashboard) of the specific learning category.
  6. Currently, Learning.Social offers three learning packages: Business Skills, Primary School, and Secondary School. 
  7. Each package has its own Library and Forum.